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It's nonstop summer fun with a top quality grill. Grills mean good times ahead with family and friends. View the rest of our site to further accent your space. Stylish in sense and smart in technology grill up some burgers, hot dogs and more with these selections.

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Recent Customer Reviews
Fire Sense - Large, Japanese, Yakatori, Table Top Charcoal BBQ Grill
apollos from Wellford, SC
For those lazy days where you just want to sit back, relax, and wait for food to cook to perfection
Portable Folding Charcoal Grill - X-Grill
Carlos, Mr. Strong Man from Brooklyn, NY
The product is great, its easy to assemble and enough grilling space for a few stakes and some chicken. We took the grill to a park and it was easy because it did not take up much space in the car and great for a small gathering, which is what I was looking for.
Fire Sense - Folding Portable Notebook BBQ Grill
Lynn from Pontiac, IL
The slim design of the notebook grill fits well into our class B camper. It fit easily back into the box so there's no mess in the camper.
Fire Sense - Folding Portable Notebook BBQ Grill
jgoodyu from Oak Ridge, NC
Compact and easy to store and carry.
Outlaw BBQ Char-Griller - Large Capacity Charcoal Grill & Smoker
WLScoville, life starts at 500,000! from Brentwood, CA
The only reason I didn't give this grill full boat, just a few minor tweaks that would make it that much better. I use my Outlaw for mass meat cooking several times a month; tri-tip roast WHOLE... 25 lbs at a time; pork tender loin, those monster ones from Costco; turkey on Thanks Giving and Christmas have never been better, so juicy! I've opted for the side fire box simply because I love cooking with wood. Mind out the gutter boys; Hickory is the best for flavor though Mesquite flavor is good for a change. Most of my cooking is done with indirect heat from the optional side firebox (a must for this monster grill). With the side firebox, I can regulate the temperature near perfect. About the only thing that would make this grill more user friendly when using the fire box, is some sort of baffle system that would direct the intense heat from the firebox to grill opening, away from the first two or three grill grates. These grates are un-usable when slow roasting because they get most of the direct flame or heat; great for searing, but defeats the purpose of such a massive grilling area. Please help us out, I'll buy it!!! Oh, and when you do buy that side fire box, do yourself a HUGE favor, get the cast iron grates for it, you'll love the way it cooks small gathering or quick meals. I'm still trying to figure out how I can paint my firebox without the paint burning off... I'm close to giving up short of using header coat... In closing, I've grilled going on 30+ years and can tell you without a doubt, this is the best grill I've ever cooked on.
Outlaw BBQ Char-Griller - Large Capacity Charcoal Grill & Smoker
Mr. Gaines' Barbeque from Lakewood, Ca.
I use the grill to cook for family gateherings as well as big functions that feed over 100 people. This grill performed very well under the circumstances. I ordered the side smoker that didn't arrive in time for my event. In spite of that fact I was able to complete a 20 slab grilling relatively painlessly. Maybe you should sell an ash can for dumping the ash.
Outlaw BBQ Char-Griller - Large Capacity Charcoal Grill & Smoker
Deal Finder from Alabama
Best grill I ever owned. Whats makes it so much better, is that I bought this same grill from [@]and it cost me [$] less than this site has it for!!!! This included the side smoker!!